Cúla Búla is…

CBEyre square

Jeremy Musicman – Guitar, Whistles, Vocals.
Alan McPhaidín – Mandolin, Banjo, Vocals. .
Ricky Brown – Guitar, Keys. .
Daniel Smileyface – Violin. .
Luke Longarms – Bass, Bass Ukulele. .
Taghd Kelly – Drums, Percussion. .
Bellows O Brien – Bouzouki, Bagalamadine, Low Whistles
We are a seven piece Rock, Folk, and Traditional Irish Music group, who enjoy playing other world musics as well.

Based in Galway City, after a lengthy summer of sessions, jams, chance happenings, house warmings and house stormings, we found each other. It was clear from the start that we worked well together and after just one week of practice in full, we opened a festival. It worked, by the end of the first song we had everyone dancing their socks off, continuing to do so ever since.

We are fast becoming both regulars on the streets of Galway, rocking for our rent, and playing the bars keeping the night scene lively. A combination of individual talent, versatility, and determination is the glue that brings Cúla Búla to you. Lyk.

Original tunes and songs; Plinky Plonky, Cuppa Tae, March Of The Frisbees, Enchantment, He Heigh, No More, Rubba Dub Dublin, Get In The Bin…
Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Slides, Slip-jigs such as; Morrisons, Banish Misfortune, King Of The Faeries, Barneys Banjo Selection, Butterfly, Kid On The Mountain, Connaughtmans Rambles, Silver Spear, Tarbolton… Film Music; Mizerlou, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ecstasy of Gold, Everything Is Awesome, Mortal Kombat…
Folk; Jolly Beggar, Drunken Sailor, Tell Me Ma, Trouble With A Capital T, Maid Of Cabra West, Pretty Polly…
Other; Don’t Worry Be Happy, Goin Up The Country, What Is Love, Minor Swing, Sweet Georgia Brown, Karunga, One Step Beyond… and much much more.

Origin: Dublin, Galway, Belfast, Cork, Clare, Co. Moldova.


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